About me

My name is Ville. I am a versatile music producer based in Finland with almost 6 years of experience in music production and audio engineering. I have always been very invested in rap & hip-hop music, but it wasn't before the summer of 2018 when I decided to invest the majority of my time to making beats. I strive to make unique and eccentric beats that stand out in the modern hip hop community and bring something new to the table.

Untagged WAV Master
Sell up to 1000 copies
Perform up to 2 live shows
In-house mixing for $5
WAV Trackout (Mixed & Unmixed)
Sell up to 5000 copies
Perform up to 10 live shows
Discounted Mixing & Mastering
WAV Trackout (Mixed & Unmixed)
Sell unlimited copies
Perform unlimited live shows
Discounted Mixing & Mastering
WAV Trackout (Mixed & Unmixed)
Exclusive Rights
Beat no longer available
Discounted Mixing & Mastering

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