How to record quality vocals at home

Nov 12, 2018 by Hide In - 0 Comments

You got the beat, you wrote the lyrics, you are ready to record. But with what? And how? And where? Renting a professional studio will usually answer all these questions for you, but with a cost:

  • it’s really expensive
  • it puts you in an unusual environment you may not feel confident in
  • it puts excessive pressure on you due to the limited time of your rent.

The three important factors

To this post I have gathered all the essential information you need to record high quality vocals at home. There are basically three factors you should be aware of when recording your vocals at home (or any other place that is not designed for recording). These factors are recording environment, recording gear and recording technique.

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Let’s go!

Oct 24, 2018 by Hide In - 0 Comments


This is going to be the first post of the blog (also good for testing reasons).

That’s right, a BLOG. Why?

This is something I have asked myself too, but I think the most important reason is that I have some information that I hope could be useful to you! I spent a good time thinking about stuff this blog will be talking about.  The main topic is creating music and all the things that is important to know about it. This can be some tutorials on recording vocals properly for a collaboration, or maybe some simple guide to acoustically treat your recording room. Also topics on marketing your music, which is always a bit tricky!

Anyways, I will see you soon!